The Domain of Mirza Noctis

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Krasvetelia. The sun sets on this cold and desolate place. Once a beautiful land of craggy mountains, fertile valleys, and deep bottomless chasms, it has now wilted like a rose in winter.

The small kingdom, tucked away from the rest of the world, has had few rulers in its time. None certainly as evil as their current. It is rumored that Mirza Noctis came to power some two-hundred years ago. Eternally youthful, the man is whispered to have controlled the bloodlines of this place, carefully arranging unions between noble families and culling those of weaker bloodlines.

Now, the peoples of Krasvetelia live a harsh life, starved of happiness. Writing is outlawed and the caste system in place prevents all but a handful of nobles from holding titles and land in Noctis’s name. Up until recently, starving to death was most of Krasvetelian’s worries. But more and more, people are going missing in this land. Devoured by darkness, some say...

The scholars, left to themselves in their remote monasteries, have recently unearthed a terrible secret: Mirza Noctis is working tirelessly, his agents harvesting blood from the local populous. Years of unattachment to this land have left the people mostly unaware of his actions. But a terrifying fact is now clear: Noctis is working towards a massive blood ritual. He has all but locked away any tools that could be used to defeat him, and the scholars worry he is just beginning. A greater threat is about to befall the land...

Players work together to power up their heroes.

Travel across a modular map earning Power Ups by completing Investigations and earning Runes of three types and battling opponents of several different types. Move carefully to avoid many dangers and travel from Village to Village, visiting Monasteries and Crypts along the way.

Encounters in Domain are in their own deck and will all come with their own glorious artwork. We're also planning to include artwork in the Power Up deck as well.

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Gain power quickly, for Mirza Noctis is harvesting blood.

As your story unfolds, Collectors will appear in villages throughout Krasvetelia, harvesting blood on behalf of their dark lord.

How will your adventure play out?

No two games are ever the same. The options before you are vast, you'll find hours of enjoyment playing through all of the varied content that the Domain of Mirza Noctis has to offer.

What can I expect to see in Domain?

This volume is set in a dark mountainous land, full of evil creatures. Death plays a large role in this volume. We introduce Familiars, the Dungeon, Blood Magic, Runes, Keepsakes, nearly twice as many Bosses, an Encounter Deck full of beautiful artwork, and much, much more.

Your heroes will embark on a dangerous journey to unravel the plot of a wicked sanguimancer - a blood mage of terrible power. Noctis sends Blood Collectors to the Villages to harvest blood on his behalf.

Work to undermine his goals and gather your own power before he ascends.

Step into the darkness, traveler...

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The World of Krasvetelia

Krasvetalia is a land of craggy mountains, dark bogs, and thick pine forests, caught in the twilight. Your heroes gain the choice of acting during the day or during the night each game turn, so our map is built to show the best aspects of dawn and dusk. Our mountains and trees are sun-touched and thick blankets of fog inch their way across the land.