HEXplore It® is a hero building cooperative adventure board game system.

Enter a realm teeming with fantasy creatures, heroes, and villains.

Players select their hero by combining up to three character options: Role, Race, and Trait. Your Role is your hero's profession while your Race is your heritage and species. Traits are found in our expansion boxes and further augment your hero combinations.

These combinations drive your hero's strengths, weaknesses, and defines your special abilities. Discover fun synergies and enjoy creating entirely different combinations.

Each game is a sandbox containing hundreds of unique cards. You'll find new play styles to complete each game, meaning no two games played are ever the same!

We've released two volumes in the series, and are working on our third. Click each Volume below for more information.

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Thank you for such a great campaign! This game easily became one of my favorites right out of the box! We cannot wait for the next one!

I'd like to thank you for an amazing game. I have never seen such high quality game boards. They blow gloomhaven, zombicide bp, massive darkness, mice and mystics, and mansions of madness out of the water in terms of quality. They are as amazing as the box and class boards are.

Every part of the game shows thought and the drive to make a beautiful HIGH quality game and not greed in how can I cut corners so I can make more copies so I can sell them and make MORE money. I didn't know if I was going to get this game to the table before your next KS. When I opened my game to make sure it was all there I knew and told EVERYONE that even with out playing it I was going to back the next KS because of your pride of work that I could see in inspecting the game.

Just wanted to say thanks. This kickstarter was run so well and everything was delivered as promised. As far as the game goes, my wife hasn't wanted to play a game over and over in a long time and this one she did.
This is a great game! I wanted to thank you for such great component quality and a fantastic rules booklet.