720 hero combinations available!


Our campaign began with 6 Roles and Races included in the core game, but we've prepared 24 of each. Our backers powered up our campaign and unlocked ALL of our heroes! The core game now contains ALL 24!

So what is a Role in HEXplore It?

Your Role defines the part you’ll play during the game. Each role is printed on a dry-erase board, and you’ll use dry erase markers to keep track of your scores as you play the game.

Roles included in the Core Box

01-Role-Cards23 01-Role-Cards24 01-Role-Cards22 01-Role-Cards21 01-Role-Cards19 01-Role-Cards20 01-Role-Cards18 01-Role-Cards17 01-Role-Cards16 01-Role-Cards15 01-Role-Cards13 01-Role-Cards14 01-Role-Cards12 01-Role-Cards11 01-Role-Cards10 01-Role-Cards8 01-Role-Cards9 01-Role-Cards7 01-Role-Cards6 01-Role-Cards5 01-Role-Cards4 01-Role-Cards2 01-Role-Cards3 01-Role-Cards

What are Races in HEXplore It?

You’ll also select a Race for your Hero. Each race has modifiers which augment your role, offering a unique play experience each time you play a different combination.

You’ll find differences in all of your Stats, Favored Enemy, Food Rating, and Special Ability. Our campaign begins with six unlocked, but we have several more available. After we meet our goal, we’ll be able to unlock more races, which will be included in EVERY game.

Races included in the Core Box

03-Race-Cards 03-Race-Cards24 03-Race-Cards22 03-Race-Cards23 03-Race-Cards21 03-Race-Cards20 03-Race-Cards18 03-Race-Cards19 03-Race-Cards17 03-Race-Cards15 03-Race-Cards16 03-Race-Cards14 03-Race-Cards13 03-Race-Cards12 03-Race-Cards11 03-Race-Cards10 03-Race-Cards9 03-Race-Cards8 03-Race-Cards7 03-Race-Cards5 03-Race-Cards6 03-Race-Cards4 03-Race-Cards3 03-Race-Cards2

Exclusive Races

These exclusive races are also included in every game box. They are counted separate from the normal races we'll be offering. All six of these exclusive race cards are more powerful than their normal counterparts, and will not appear in this form in other versions of the game!

What is your favorite Striker role?
The Brute
10 Vote
The Berserker
23 Vote
The Necromancer
55 Vote
The Summoner
28 Vote
The Rabble Rouser
15 Vote
What is your favorite Healer role?
The Priest
18 Vote
The Divine One
51 Vote
The Apothecary
30 Vote
The Oracle
20 Vote
What is your favorite Sapper role?
The Sorcerer
19 Vote
The Wilder
19 Vote
The Elementalist
44 Vote
The Shaman
33 Vote
What is your favorite Assist role?
The Nomad
7 Vote
The Guardian
33 Vote
The Minstrel
29 Vote
The Weaponsmith
49 Vote
What is your favorite Utility role?
The Beastmaster
28 Vote
The Scoundrel
10 Vote
The Hunter
18 Vote
The Tinkersmith
21 Vote
The Illusionist
16 Vote
The Trap Specialist
11 Vote
The Cartographer
2 Vote
What is your favorite Race?
10 Vote
6 Vote
1 Vote
2 Vote
2 Vote
2 Vote
Half Elf
5 Vote
6 Vote
3 Vote
3 Vote
2 Vote
1 Vote
1 Vote
1 Vote
1 Vote
18 Vote
Dark Dwarf
4 Vote
3 Vote
16 Vote
17 Vote
Half Giant
8 Vote
3 Vote
8 Vote
15 Vote

Interested in becoming a HEXplorer?

Check out the Kickstarter page for more information about HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King. If you missed the campaign, you can still get your copy of the game. Check out the Kickstarter page here.