Phoenix - full creature


HEXplore It features an optional point system called Valor.

Players may gain points of Valor by completing difficult tasks in each HEXplore It game. These points follow the players, not the heroes, so you'll accumulate more points the more you play the game.

    • A point of Valor is awarded when specific milestones are achieved while playing any HEXplore It game.
    • A player’s Valor score is equal to the total Valor gained while playing any game in the series.
    • All players playing a game of HEXplore It have a Valor score equal to the player with the highest Valor score at the table.
    • Valor may only be gained once per source, and cannot be modified by other game effects.

Gaining Valor

There are many ways you may gain a point of Valor. Consult each Core game and Expansion Rulebook or Play Styles book for more information on gaining Valor.

Recording Valor

Use the HEXplore It App to record your Valor. Check out our Downloads page for more information.

Using Valor

Each time you play a HEXplore It game, take a moment to look through the Valor section and gain special bonuses before play begins. Your hero will begin the game with additional Gear Upgrades and may also gain special powers.