The Valley of the Dead King


Game Features

  • 1-7 players
  • 6 Play Styles
  • Variable game length
  • 60-180+ minutes
  • Ages 14 and up
  • Customizable difficulty

Players work together to power up their heroes.

Travel across a modular map earning power ups by completing quests and battling opponents of several different types. Move carefully to avoid many dangers and travel from city to city, visiting shrines and ruins along the way.


Gain power quickly, for the Dead King also moves.

If you dally, you'll begin to find your safe havens disappearing. The Dead King moves across the game board, cursing it with darkness. For each city he destroys, he gains more power.

How will your adventure play out?

No two games are ever the same. The options before you are vast, you'll find hours of enjoyment playing through all of the varied content HEXplore It has to offer.