The Valley of the Dead King

Klik's Madness is our first Campaign written for the HEXplore It system.

Klik’s Madness is a choose-your-own-path, narrative-driven adventure built for the first HEXplore It Volume, The Valley of the Dead King. This board game/novel hybrid is a one of a kind story that takes place in the Runecrest Valley — before the Dead King arrives. Play through Volume I in an entirely new way and experience the unfolding of a complex and epic story. Your heroes will be pulled into the narrative and will drive how the story unfolds based on the decisions and actions you make.

Klik, Emperor of the goblins, has somehow managed to unite the short bickering fiends and mold them into a force even the elves of Fain’hil cannot contain. Under his command, the goblins are surging across the Runecrest like a plague...

You will only experience a fraction of the content during each chapter, which means your games can unfold differently each time you play. Gain epic gear, unique campaign-only equipment and statuses, and power level your heroes throughout the entire length of the story. Statuses and campaign items you gain in one chapter will affect the story in completely different and unforeseeable ways in future chapters



  • KM is a story-driven expansion for The Valley of the Dead King and requires the use of the Core box to play.
  • 520 pages bound into a beautiful hardcover book
  • Full-color and printed on 128gsm premium paper
  • Sewn-in binding & 3 ribbons (purple, black, and brown)
  • Ambitious storytellers can use the framework we've introduced here to build their own similar stories in the HEXplore It gaming world
  • If you do not enjoy reading, this product may not be for you! This is a narrative experience you'll unravel within the framework of the HEXplore It gaming system.

Players build their heroes in largely the same way they would during a standard game of the Valley of the Dead King. You'll use the same heroes throughout your entire adventure.

At the beginning of each chapter, you will find a map setup for that chapter and a series of Triggered EventsChapter Statuses, and Campaign Items available to gain or unlock during play. After you set up your map and assemble your components, you'll read an opening narrative that sets the tone for your journey and propels you headfirst into your adventure. As you interact with more content in the game world, you'll experience varied and unique Chapter Passages that narrate your journey and provide you with choices on how to proceed. These choices will largely affect the course of your game during play.

Triggered Events (TE)
Triggered Events are moments where through the course of gameplay (landing on a special location, rolling especially well or poorly on a Stat Test, etc), you have triggered a narrative event. They are identified at the beginning of each chapter, based on the game phase in which they occur. Each chapter has its own list of TEs to be aware of and not all are related to your chapter objective. It is not expected for you to encounter all TEs in a single play-through. When a trigger occurs, the Triggered Event will specify which Chapter Passage to read.

Chapter Passages (CP)
Chapter Passages are numbered narrative moments that display the results of the decisions made during a Triggered Event. The Chapter Passages section of each chapter contains these moments, organized in a random environment for you to discover and read when instructed to do so. You will not know the outcome of your decisions until you make them. You will only know if a decision will take time to complete or not.

Heroic Moments
Within the confines of the Campaign’s story, some heroes are capable of performing amazing feats and turning the tide of the narrative in ways that other heroes cannot. For example, heroes of the Healer Role Type may have an opportunity to save a dying NPC, or an ogre may be able to perform a feat of strength. These opportunities are called Heroic Moments. The text of a TE or CP will indicate when a Heroic Moment is possible, which Roles, Role Types, Races, or Aspects can take part, and what your special ability or choice will be.