Keywords appear bolded in white on various game components. The icons shown below denote the Volume in which the Keyword first appears. :  Volume I: The Valley of the Dead King
:  Volume II: The Forests of Adrimon
:  Volume III: the Sands of Shurax

Keywords List

Block: X
Reduces total damage taken during the Resolution phase by the Block amount, beginning with Energy damage.
Temporarily increases a numeric effect as specified.
This damage cannot be Healed the round during which it is suffered. If suffered outside of combat, Corrosive damage cannot be Healed for the remainder of the current Game Turn. Corrosive damage prevents Vitals from being Raised above their maximum.
Counterattack: X
Heroes who Counterattack immediately gain a bonus Attack action against their opponent. Counterattack may include a number in parenthesis. This is the number of Health damage that an opponent will deal to a target when they Counterattack. A Counterattack cannot be Counterattacked.
Defend: X
Reduces each incoming damaging effect by the Defend amount during the Resolution phase.
If an opponent has at least half their Energy remaining, that ability will have an additional effect.
Energy Drain
This is a type of Energy damage. If the damage exceeds the target’s current Energy, the remainder is converted to Health damage.
Heal: X
Increases current Health and/or Energy (as specified) up to the target’s maximum by the Heal amount during the Resolution phase of combat, or anytime outside of combat.
Stops and removes an effect or attack, and all of its side effects.
Nonlethal damage cannot drop a Vital to 0, instead dropping it to a minimum of 1.
Piercing: X
Deals damage which cannot be Defended or Blocked by the Piercing amount.
Raise: X
As Heal, except the total Healing may exceed the target’s maximum Vitals, temporarily increasing the total by the Raise amount. Unless otherwise stated, Raised Vitals remain through the duration of the Game Turn in which they were gained, or until lost.
Alters the target of an attack and/or effect back onto the attacker. An attack or effect may only be Reflected once.
Regen: X
As Heal, except the Healing occurs during the Declaration phase of each round. Regen cannot stack with itself. Applicable only during combat.
Brings back a deceased target and restores them to full Vitals unless otherwise stated.
Size Matters
Modify the specified value by a target’s Food Rating. This keyword might include a parenthesis that describes the modification: Increase (+), Decrease (-), or Multiply (x). If an effect is targeting multiple heroes, each hero is affected individually and Food Ratings are not combined.
Permanently increase a numeric effect when specific criteria are met.
Creates an ally for the summoner. During combat, this ally acts on behalf of the summoner. It may become a target, and may be damaged and/or killed.
You may spend 1 Energy each round to power the effect and may use other Abilities while the Sustained Ability continues throughout subsequent rounds. Unless otherwise stated, only one instance of the Sustained effect may be active at any time.
Teleport: X
Instantly move to a new location up to the Teleport amount or where specified. Unless otherwise stated, Teleport may be used during any phase, but when used during the Movement phase, the group is considered to be Moving Normally.
Targets may be targeted more than once by this attack. Roll for targets for each attack made.