Volume III: The Sands of Shurax

The Ravager has returned...

HEXplore It is a hero-building adventure board game system.
Journey into an entrancing land full of danger and intrigue. Collect Ravager Crystals and interact within a rich and diverse world, directing your actions toward one of four end scenarios.

Make your way across the desert to perform Missions, work with Caravan Masters, or ply your trade by gambling or even enter the gladiatorial arenas. Battle through a variety of encounters while traveling, or move carefully and see what other discoveries you might find.

To save the City-States, you must build your heroes and gain power as quickly as you can. Kismet is what it will always be, but your heroes have the power to change the world.

Can you save Shurax from the titanic Ravager?

Ravager Final

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Living Deck

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