The Sands of Shurax

Nomadic legends speak of a great worm slumbering beneath the sands, stoking the fiery heat of the desert. Tales told how the beast would awaken when the desert grew too cool, emerging from its slumber to bake the world above. For centuries the desert has grown and extended, proving, say the tribesmen, that the worm grows stronger.

Until a year ago, the legends were mere fable. Then the tremors began. Scholars grew concerned and began to investigate, but the desert tribes knew the truth: the Ravager was awake.

It emerged two months ago, hot as the sun itself and as tall as a mountain. The beast destroyed an ancient desert city, reducing it to particles of sand. For a few horrifying days, it remained above ground, and then it crashed down, disappearing into the earth, leaving a massive tower of luminescent crystal behind.

Even as the legends foretold, the crystals remain, acting like lenses that amplify the sun’s energy, heating the desert even more. The site is uninhabitable, and the heat blisters the skin of any who venture too close. Some even say that those who venture too closely begin to change, their bodies mutating.

The bedouin legends spoke truth. The Ravager of Shurax has returned to the world.