Snarling Defense


The Berserker may sacrifice Health by up to twice Rage rank when using this power. Rage deals Health damage to an opponent equal to Bash rank plus Rage rank plus 1 damage per point sacrificed. At rank 5, the Berserker may choose to become the target of a single target attack. If he does, he becomes furious. His next attack cannot be negated and deals additional damage equal to Bash rank.


Endure automatically activates when the Beserker would normally die and he has at least one Energy remaining. Once active, he gains a pool of temporary Health equal to Snarling Defense rank plus twice Endure rank. While Endure is in effect, the Berserker may only perform a basic attack or defense. Any healing received while this is active brings the Berserker to 1 Health and ends this mastery. If combat ends and the Berserker is still below 0 Health, he dies. Each time Endure activates, Rage is Strengthened by 4. This bonus damage grows throughout the game.

S t a t i s t i c s

Health:   8

Energy:   3

Attack:   3

Defend:   1

1st Mastery:   2

2nd Mastery:   2

Navigate:   1

Explore:   2

Survival:   1


The Berserker is one of our most aggressive roles. He begins the game with high health and attack, and low defense, energy, and skills. The Berserker sacrifices his own health to deal damage to his opponents. His go-to ability is Rage, which he'll use in combat to deal greater-than-normal damage. When Rage reaches rank 5, he may choose to become the target of a single target attack. If he does, his next attack cannot be negated and it deals even greater damage.

His second mastery, Endurance, is a passive ability which activates (if he has the energy) the moment he would normally die. Upon activation, the Berserker gains a bonus pool of temporary health which keeps him up and kicking. While activated, he can't use Rage (but may attack or defend as usual). Each time this happens his Rage damage gains permanent damage.

The King’s Lieutenants

With a grim expression, the Ogre took note of the gash spreading in his side. It had already overtaken much of his torso and was now moving closer to his heart. Most would have fallen from such a wound.

He exhaled sharply into the cold air. His breath curled and churned as it escaped his massive lungs. The moon's silver light had disappeared, causing the grove to feel darker, even sinister. It had been a hard hit; the large figure knelt awkwardly in the snow, still reeling from the dark magic.

The massive Ogre rotated his head, his body trembling with rage. All around were signs of the skirmish. His mind was foggy and he struggled to maintain consciousness. He let the cold envelope him, then, its sting helping him focus. In an instant the pain melted away, and he found that he was cradling his battle-mate Karanna in his other arm. They had all been hit; was he the last of his party left standing?

He knelt in the snow for another long moment, steadying himself with his arm, palm braced upon the cold ground. Reverently, he placed the sorceress down. Standing, he searched for his comrades. He was the last one standing! Fury fueled him, and despite the growing wound in his chest, he turned to face the last of the King's Lieutenants. The undead knight was himself disabled, nearly beaten by the group. But nearly wasn't enough, the city of Restwind Dale was not yet safe.

The Ogre sneered and drew in his breath in rapid and powerful huffs, pulling in the air as if it were itself fueling his rage. Though the disintegration was spreading at a furious rate, he took a step toward his wounded adversary. Another dark bolt lashed out at him from the creature's broken hand, but he did nothing to avoid it.

Instead he drove into the undead warrior like a charging ox. He bellowed into the cold night, a sound that had the power to frighten even the dead. There was still work to be done, darkness to be driven out. And nothing, not even death, would stop him.

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