Canvas Give Away Promotion

After our Forests of Adrimon Kickstarter campaign ends, we'll be raffling off 1 studio canvas print for every $50k that is raised during the campaign. If you've backed the campaign you're automatically eligible to win.

The prints are sized 11" tall by 16.5" wide by 1" thick and each comes ready to hang on the wall. The winner(s) will be able to choose between any of our completed hero or boss portraits. They are valued at $75 a piece.

Return Backer Promotion

We couldn't have done it without the help of our first backers. To say thank you, we've prepared a special treat. If you backed Valley of the Dead King (whether it was through the Kickstarter or through our Pledge Manager after the campaign closed), we're giving you a free HEXplore It dice bag* valued at $10!

You won't need to do anything other than pledge for Forests of Adrimon with the same email address, and we'll add the dice bag to your cart when our Pledge Manager goes live after the campaign. Thanks again for returning to us!

*The dice bag in this promotion does not include extra dice. 

Dice Bag copy
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