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Can I still get a copy of HEXplore It?

The Kickstarter to launch the game has ended, and the games have begun to ship. You can pledge for a game using the "Pledge Here" button.

When will HEXplore It be released?

Our production window currently places our ship date in March of 2018, but we've padded our time to ensure we don't deliver late. That means we may deliver early if all pieces fall together as we're hoping they will.

What kind of game is HEXplore It?

HEXplore It is board game. It is not a video game. The game has a strong adventure hero-building theme.

How many players can play?

HEXplore It supports game play involving 1 to 7 players.

How long does an average game take?

There is so much to do in HEXplore It you may find that getting through all the content could take hours! Typically we see games lasting 1.5 - 2 hours. Marathon games can play out over the course of 5-6 hours. There are also quick style rules that help push players through a game in under 1 hour.

Does HEXplore It scale well in larger groups?

Yes! There is a built in difficulty modifier to help larger groups enjoy a much more difficult play experience. This difficulty modifier is available in any game played, regardless of how many players.

Age range?

HEXplore It is suitable for players aged 12 and up.

How quickly is the game set up?

Set up commonly takes 10 minutes or less, using an easy-to-follow rulebook included in every game.

How many Roles & Races will the game ship with?

The core game comes with all 24 roles and all 24 races unlocked! In addition, our Kickstarter was wildly successful and we managed to unlock 6 additional HEXclusive races. That means you're getting 720 hero combinations!

How many hours of play testing have we put in?

So far, we've surpassed 640 play test hours across countless games!

Is HEXplore It on Board Game Geek?

Yes, check out our page here:  https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/214484/hexplore-it-valley-dead-king