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[Sticky] VotDK Strategy  


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Beginning the Game

  • Stock up on food and a few Skill Gear Upgrade ranks if you can afford to. Use all of your gold to modify your hero at the beginning of the game.
  • Move Cautiously as often as you can in the beginning. Do so by taking roads and rivers, or by moving slower.
  • Utilize the camping bonus to get better Skill rolls on your Quest locations.
  • Luck Stones can certainly help cycle your cards if you find poor cards on the board.
  • If you can get to the first boss, there is a good chance you can take him out very early game, in most group compositions (2-3 heroes) you can tackle him as your first opponent. That will help you get some extra food and a few Power Ups right off the bat.
  • Another strategy is to move cautiously and attempt to get decent circumstances on the board.
  • We have witnessed several different play styles. We see many folks invest in Camping Gear, Skills, or Potions in the beginning. 
  • If a team member doesn't have food, it is better to give them some of yours, than to let them gain a level of starving.
  • The best advice to give is to try a couple of different methods until you find one that works best for you and your play style... and have fun!