Questions that came...

Questions that came up for n our first game  


Chris Stricker
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06/04/2018 12:46 am  

My daughter and I were trying out the game for the first time and came up with a couple of questions.

When the party heals in a city, does that cover both health and energy?

If the party travels through hexes that have a road or river, do the roads/rivers need to be connected to be considered as moving cautiously, or is it good enough to just have a road/river on the hex?

Can you buy gear upgrades at a shrine?

Can nature circumstance cards be avoided by moving cautiously?

Member Moderator
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07/04/2018 8:41 am  

Healing in a City heals both Health and Energy.

As long as the tile has a road or river that is good enough for moving cautiously, it doesn't have to be followed exactly.

You cannot buy gear upgrades at a shrine.

Circumstances with the Unavoidable effect cannot be avoided when moving cautiously, however can be discarded through effects like Luck Stones. Having a few of those will allow you to preemptively remove some threatening cards!