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Questions After First Won Game  


Steven Arena
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23/05/2018 4:23 pm  

1.) The Weaponsmith’s 1st Mastery (Tempered Weapon) states that upon reaching rank 5, Defense (Masterwork Armor) may be used in addition to it (Tempered Weapon) “the round in which Tempered Weapon begins.”


Given that last line of text:

1A.) When does Tempered Weapon begin to take effect?  I had supposed it was that same round in which it was used.


1B.) When liberating a fallen city, could the Weaponsmith use both Tempered Weapon and the talisman (Defense) at the same time?


2.) The rules state that damage is rolled for favored opponents.  Does this apply even if defending?  I don’t think so but I had better ask just in case.


3.) When a condition uses a phrase such as “for the next four turns,” does the current round in which the condition is received count as the first of the four rounds or does it begin to apply afterward?


3A.) Additionally, when the text says something like “The Hero is now brainwashed;” does that take effect immediately?  Does it negate the current attack?


4.) Regarding the Rabble Rouser, the text for his second mastery (Rowdy Uppercut) states: “Anytime your watched ally is targeted or suffers damage, your Rowdy Uppercut is strengthened by 1.”  It would seem that if the watched ally is targeted that he would generally (but not always) suffer damage as well.  In which case would this result in a net increase of (+2) to the Watch Over Bonus for Rowdy Uppercut, all within a single round of combat?


5.) Regarding Skill rolls, while the rules clearly state that for Explore and Survival, a critical success grants (respectively) +1 to Health and +1 to Energy or healing of a condition; my question comes down to whether or not you still gain the normal rewards in addition to the hexplosive rewards.

i.e. - If I roll a HEX for Explore, do I still get two gold? If I roll a HEX for Survival, do I still meet my food requirement by scavenging instead of having to use my rations?


6.) While using target dice, is a HEX considered a roll of 1 or is it higher than 10 in this instance?


6A.) What would a Hexplosion with a d10 count as when rolled for favored opponent damage?  I know it says both HEX and 10 are considered critical but what would the numerical value be of rolling a HEX?  Would it equal 10 as well?


7.) Finally, is it even worth rolling skill checks once you gain 11+ on your skill ranks?  I mean, it’s a guaranteed success.  I know there is the possibility of rolling a HEXplosion, but generally the benefits seem minuscule seeing as how Heath and Energy ranks tend to be so high anyway by that point.

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26/05/2018 3:59 pm  

1A. Tempered Weapon takes effect the round you use it, so the target of the ability will get to apply the bonus that round.

1B. Yes you may use any item, including the Talisman, as long as you are using a your Defend ability, even if you get to use your Defend when using a Mastery.

2. You may roll the Favored Opponent die every round, regardless of what ability you are using.

3. Yes, the Brainwashed condition applies immediately and will turn the target's action against the group instead of the opponent.

4. The Strengthen bonus applies once total per attack. The Rabblerouser will not get +2 from his watched over ally being both targeted and suffering damage.

5. You still get the normal rewards when rolling a HEX.

6 & 6a. A HEX is always a result of 1 on the 10 sided die.

7. A roll of 10 is always a critical failure regardless how high your skill is. While a 10 is always a failure, increasing your skills over 10 (effectively starting at 12) increases your critical success chance (12 is a critical success range of HEX through 2, 13 is HEX through 3, 14 is HEX through 4, etc.). All skill based quests have a critical success bonus, as well as a few other game mechanics may ask for one as well. 

Thanks for the questions, hope this clears things up for you!


Steven Arena
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27/05/2018 7:00 am  

Thank you so much.  It’s a great game.  Could you clarify one of your responses for me?  Regarding the answer to my last question (7), you stated: “(12 is a critical success range of HEX - 2, 13 is HEX - 3, 14 is HEX - 4, etc.).”

Am I to read this as:  “(12 is a critical success range of HEX through 2, 13 is HEX through 3, 14 is HEX through 4, etc.)?”  Or does it mean a roll of 2 on rank 12 is a critical, a roll of 3 on rank 13 is a critical, a roll of 4 on rank 14 is a critical?

Thanks again!

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27/05/2018 8:54 am  

Woops, that's exactly right Steven, it should be written a roll of hex through 2, etc.  I'll edit accordingly, thanks!