First play through ...

First play through questions.  


beaux Warren
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08/04/2018 8:37 am  

 1: when any of the decks run out, do we reshuffle them, or are they done?

2: do bosses count as Encounters for the necromancer? (in other words, can her revive a boss)

3: does the Dark Legion have to be summoned in order for a necromancer to health tap them?

4: if a card states to search the deck for a card, does that include the discard pile? (in other words, if it tells us to search in the encounter deck for a certain card, but that card is in the discard pile what happens?

5: if the summoner uses the dragon granted to him by the black market, does it count as a summoned encounter for his masteries?

6: if 3 people are playing, and player 1 defends  with 3 defence, but then player 2 gets hit, does player 2 get the defence granted by player 1?

7: this game is amazing! I am enjoying it oh so much.  thank you for your imagination! 

beaux Warren
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26/04/2018 12:20 am  

if anyone had any insight on these questions, i would greatly appreciate it.  🙂

Gamemaster Admin
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26/04/2018 3:06 pm  

Hi Beaux, sorry I missed this post!


 1: You can reshuffle any deck if you run out of cards. We'll add that to the errata. 

2: Bosses are not Encounters, and thus the Necromancer can't raise them for his Dark Legion.

3: Dark Legion states that when you use the mastery, you're using it to "summon the Dark Legion to damage his foes", so they are always around you. So you do not have to first use Dark Legion in order to Health Tap them.

4: Yes, we thought we've caught all instances of that, but it should state "search the deck or discard pile" 

5: Hrmm. nope, you can't summon the Dragon using the Summoner while using the Staff of Dragons. The Staff of Dragons adds the Dragon to the group, the summoner's ability says "summon an open encounter" so he wouldn't be an open encounter at that point.

6: Nope, only the player using the defend action gains the benefit from defending. 

7: Thank you SO much for your feedback! I'm happy you're liking it!