Jason Oliver
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30/05/2018 9:51 pm  

the text is vague on exactly how Blessings work. 


They are with you for the duration. They cannot be used simultaneously. They cannot be obtained again...

So my team is utilizing the Fortune blessing but we completed a quest which gives Haste. 


Do we lose the Fortune blessing or can it not be utilized during movement if the Haste Blessing is in effect (+1 Hex movement)?

Gamemaster Admin
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30/05/2018 10:08 pm  

Hi Jason, thanks for the question. I'll add this to our errata to take a look at. The group may only ever have one Blessing at a time. The few quests that offer one should be written as being an optional reward. Blessings should always be optional to the players, as gaining a new one always replaces the one you currently benefit from.

Hope that helps!