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Type: Sapper

Appears in: VotDK


Mastery Clarifications:

Spirit Totem

  • Totems will appear during the Resolution Phase when this ability is used.
  • Consuming totems does not use an action and happen immediately during the Declaration Phase.
  • When consuming a totem during the Declaration Phase, the Raise takes effect immediately, not during the Resolution Phase.
  • She may choose multiple targets when consuming totems, but each totem consumes may be assigned to one hero.


Restless Spirit

  • This ability automatically takes an open encounter from the Circumstance bar at the start of combat. This effect costs no energy and doesn’t require Restless Spirit to be used. The Circumstance slot does not get replaced when taken.
  • This ability cannot be used if there are no encounters available on the Circumstance bar.
  • At the end of combat or when it dies, the Encounter returns back to its Circumstance slot at full Vitals.
  • If it dies, the Necromancers may not take it for his Dark Legion ability.



  • Try to always have a few Luck Stones in your backpack so you can make sure there are always Encounters available for your Restless Spirit ability.



  • None