Shaman and her tote...

Shaman and her totems.  


Jose Carmona
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25/04/2018 12:27 pm  

First when I did a run with the shaman I did 238 energy damage at the end lol but I do have a question.  So my cousin was playing berserker and when he would die his second mastery endure would activate so my question is this.  Say I have 9 totems out do I consume them once at a time or all at the same time so if I consume 4 do I consume all 4 at once or separately.  I ask this because I would use a totem to heal my cousin so he would be at 1 health for endure so can I consume more to heal him or I consume all of them and his health still goes to one from the effect of endure.  I hope I was able to describe it the best I can but if someone could help me.  We played as tho I consumed them all at once so I could only heal him to 1 and wait a turn to fully heal him.  Is that right or were we playing that wrong?

Gamemaster Admin
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25/04/2018 3:32 pm  

Hello Jose, thanks for the question, that is a HUGE amount of Energy damage, well done!

To answer your question, the Shaman "may consume any of these totems during the Declaration phase of combat to Raise a group member's Health by 3...". 

If your Berserker friend dropped to 0 Health during the Resolution phase of combat and his Endure mastery triggered, he would remain alive so long as the combat didn't end that round. The following round, you could use any number of your Shaman's Totems (during the Declaration phase) to Raise his Health, but even a single heal would trigger the Berserker's return from Endure, meaning any number of Totems in this case would only leave him with 1 Health remaining. As they are used during the Declaration phase of combat (and not the Resolution phase), you wouldn't want to use more than 1 to bring him out of Endure. The Shaman would then have to wait another round in order to bring him back up to a reasonable Health total.

Thanks for the question and let me know if you have any additional ones!