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Type: Assist

Appears in: VotDK


Mastery Clarifications:

Exploit Weakness

  • The Boost lasts until the end of the round.
  • The The Nomad’s Exploit Weakness Boost is Strengthened each time they use it on the chosen ally. The Bonus to his Boost only applies to the chosen ally and applies immediately when used.
  • If used on an ally making multiple attacks (i.e. Brute, Elementalist, etc), only one attack is chosen.

First Aid

  • After rank 7, the Nomad may split the amount Healed any way he chooses, it does not have to be split evenly between heroes.


  • Ranged Assault’s rank can help the Nomad in both of his masteries.
  • Choose an ally who is likely to attack every round when when Exploit Weakness reaches rank 5.
  • Have a few potions on hand. First Aid can not apply to himself, but he can defend while using it after it reaches rank 4, allowing him to use an item on himself.