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Type: Utility

Appears in: VotDK


Mastery Clarifications:

Hunter’s Precision:

  • The opponent changes their action to a basic ability as if they had 0 Energy. For bosses, this would mean Attack instead of First Mastery and Defense instead of Second Mastery.
  • The choice of doing either Energy damage or Health damage must be declared during the Declaration Phase.



  • This ability alters the die result, which may not always alter which ability the opponent uses.
  • Single target attacks include dual and triple target.
  • The Hunter automatically becomes a target of an opponents attack only once. If there are multiple opponents using single target abilities, the Hunter only chooses 1 and will roll his target dice for the remainder normally.
  • If the opponent is using one ability that can target a hero more than once, he will suffer one instance of that attack. The Hunter will roll target dice normally afterwards for the additional attacks.
  • This ability only adjusts the die result of one opponent in the case of multiple opponents.
  • The Hunter may use any ability during a round after he uses Ensnare. The opponent will then suffer damage from Ensnare as well as any other ability the Hunter uses.



  • Use Hunter’s Precision following a round of Ensnare to increase your chances of Strengthening Hunter’s Precision.


Hunter’s Precision:

  • Opponents default to a basic ability, not attack. (Attack for Encounters, Attack or Defense for bosses)
  • The ability stopped does not need to be harming heroes to gain the strengthening bonus. Should read “Hunter’s Precision is Strengthened by 3 for each Energy using ability this power stops.”



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