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I understand some events might be more applicable to the stacks in each volumes, however 

would you recommend mixing :

- Traits from both sets together (or not)?

- Races from both sets together (or not)?

- Characters from both sets together (or not)?


I own the VotdK 1st edition, do you recommend opening up for 2 quests per slots as in Forest ?

Use of Relics (from Adrimon) in VotdK also recommended (or not) ?


Thanks in advance !


1 Answer

Hi Dominick, great question. The heroes are all built to be interchangeable with all volumes, so the Races, Roles, and Traits can all be used in any volume. When you're playing the Valley of the Dead King, you can certainly open up more Quest slots if you'd like, but you'll only find 5 Quest tokens, so you may have to display those on your board in some other way. Your question about the Relics is also a good one, I suppose you could find a way to house-rule their use in the Valley of the Dead King, though it may be more fun to simply play a dual game, by combining all content to play in one game.


Here is a play through of how that would work: