Total number of volumes?  


Armaan Khan
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17/07/2018 9:55 pm  

Hey there!

Just read the newsletter and the bit about the valor system intrigued me. Specifically, it states "By the end of the series...." which got me wondering: Do you guys intend for Hexplore It to eventually come to an end? And, if so, how many volumes in total are expected to release? I'm just curious because knowing ahead of time I can figure out how much money and shelf space I'll need to budget over the next few years 🙂

Gamemaster Admin
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18/07/2018 3:16 pm  

Hi Armaan, thanks for the post! We are currently planning 6 volumes + 6 expansions, however, we always have more ideas to expand the universe, and we hope we'll have the opportunity to do so. 

For now, we're trying to keep our excitement at bay, and only go for 6 😉

Happy adventuring!