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18/03/2018 9:07 am  

I'm finding a lot of comments from @hex with errata and future print corrections.

Is there a collection being updated somewhere with all the errata from the first/Kickstarter printing compiled?

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18/03/2018 2:22 pm  

Yes, we're still currently gathering data on the errata, but we'll have a single post soon listing what we've found. 

Wellby Goodbarrell
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18/03/2018 9:46 pm  

Thank you!

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20/04/2018 3:41 am  

Hello everyone ! it's been a long time that I want to share my experiences of the game with the community Hexplore it, I finally start!
(I'm french, forgive my poor English)

Quick summary of my games: 11 games played. 2 Marathon, 2 doubled up. 7 Normal.

During my games, I was the victim of many unanswered questions.
I'm counting on you to help me clarify some points.

Before I start, I would like to clarify that my games always start in "Moderate" and I try to always finish them in EPIC.

1st: Shaman: How really work Totem? they are still fighting until they are consumed.
So when they are consumed, they disappear.
My case is the following, imagine a totem that boosts the health of a hero.
When the 3 health are lost, the shaman does not take into account his totem for Restless Spirit.
But can he reuse his totems every fight round? So Reboost all Heroes each round?

2nd: Necromancer: When the necromancer is fighting a multiple fight (Like Invasion quest). And the enemies was the same. Can the necromancer resurrect the same monster he killed several times at the end of the fight?
Like 3 Young Dragon in a Invasion quest?

3st : Tinkersmith (I think the most powerful roles in this game)
At rank 7 he can use Versatile Fabrication while using any ability
We use POWER BOT => Versatile Fabrication and.. Automated Defense.
When he use Versatile Fabrication he can Defend, so he can use 3 action per round + 1 racial ability (4 action..)
Each turn of combat.  He defend against each attack , he boost, and use racial ability (racial ability it's very strong like Negate, Boost, (like Dryad or Ork)

4th : Brute (Just ... I think i can destroy Dead king in Solo (Epic difficulty) with this hero !!
Relentless Strike.. Dat ability ! Late game i make 250 - 370 damage per round with Brute.
Just imagine : rank 12 in Relentless Strike  (so i can use 4 times Brutal Assault) Rank 12 too for Brutal Assault. 8 Defend
So : 12 + 12 + 12 +12 = 48.
Using ORK : +6 on Ability attack
18 + 18 + 18 + 18 = 78
And Tinkersmith (All take Tinkersmith no ??)
Use Gremlins on Brute Boost +4 on Ability Attack
22 + 22 +22 +22 = 88
Each round he make 88 damage.
88 * 3round  = 264. 
This damage it's in Mid game. in late game he's more powerful.
I think Relentless Strike need a Fix.. in a Marathon we can use it 6/7 times with 20/25 damage in Attack rank...

That's all for the moment, I do not remember any other case for now, so I'll post cases like these if I remember.
Tell me if some things were not clear, my English is quite limited, I try to do my best to make myself understood.