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05/03/2018 3:53 pm  
  • Talismans are purchased as a one time use, but they are usable during the entire combat.
  • There are heroes who gain the ability to defend at the same time they use other abilities, and when you play with the 1-player rule variant, you may also defend at half rank while performing other actions.
  • So that being said, the City placard discusses how to use the Talisman:
    • "The Talisman must be used each round of combat to counteract the Dead King’s influence. You cannot harm his lieutenants unless it is used each round. Like other items, heroes may only use the Talisman while Defending. You may also pass the Talisman to another hero in the same round you use it. This allows another person to use it next round."
  • That means if you're playing in a multi-hero game, the hero who Defends and uses the item can pass it on to another hero for next round.
  • Once combat is finished the Talisman is then used up and discarded.